When I first began chronicling representations of South Asia and the South Asian diaspora in books for young readers — almost twenty years ago — I could count the number of annual new releases featuring South Asian characters on one hand.

Two decades later, the diaspora has accrued cultural capital in North America and beyond, and publishing has become more attuned to issues of inequality in representation. This year brings dozens — not many, but far more than I’ve ever seen in all my years of observing these trends — of new titles with South Asian characters to shelves, 11 of which are highlighted here. 

The books on this list showcase the diversity of the South Asian experience, from Pakistani American (The Marvelous Mirza Girls by Sheba Karim) to Bangladeshi Irish (Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar) to Sri Lankan Canadian (Bruised by Tanya Boteju). The stories are told in fantasy (Sisters of the Snake by Sasha and Sarena Nanua) and graphic novel (Jukebox by Nidhi Chanani) and poetry (If I Tell You The Truth by Jasmin Kaur). 

Ready for a good read? Check out the books below.

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