There are many kinds of magic in “The Sapphire Ring,” third in the Starlight Raven series for teens and young adults by Wooster author C. Dale Brittain.

Antonia is the daughter of the master of the wizardry school that has only recently begun to admit girls: She is in her fifth year and there are two younger girls. Antonia is returning to school after spending the summer with her Guide, whose responsibilities include teaching her the customs of the Sisterhood.

The distinction between the female magic of the Sisterhood and the male magic of the wizard’s school is a fine one, but essential to the plot, as is the difference between the Sisterhood and the Dark Sisters. When Antonia visits a market with her Guide, an old woman attracts her attention by mentioning the Starlight Raven, “the one who either saves her people or who leads them into final destruction.” The woman tells Antonia’s fortune and again invokes the Raven.