Disney Books is releasing Filipina author Tori Tadiar’s graphic novel based on Philippine mythology.

Titled “Highsummer,” the story is set in a junior high school where a 12-year-old girl has the ability to awaken ancient gods and creatures inspired by Philippine mythology and folklore.

“Mika tries to undo a curse she accidentally cast on two classmates—but when she awakens ancient gods and a sun-devouring beast set on plunging the world into darkness, she must team up with her former bullies to save the world and all she holds dear,” she wrote on Twitter.

Tadiar also introduced her characters and gave a glimpse of what the school looked like.

“Introducing choir boy Teo, varsity queen Halle, and our main protagonist Mika (+ their teacher, Raha) as well as some concept art on Ilustra Junior High: The Home of the Ilustrados,” she said.

Tadiar expressed excitement over being chosen by the publisher of the Percy Jackson series, one of the most well-loved mythology-inspired books.

“So excited to finally share that ‘Highsummer’ will be published by Disney Books,” she said. “From the publisher of the Percy Jackson series?! Three books!?!”

The first book of “Highsummer” is slated for release in 2024.

An author and artist, Tadiar is also the game character designer of “Golden Hour,” a Pinoy-inspired otome mobile game. It follows a young girl who just moved to a different city in the Philippines. – Franchesca Viernes/RC, GMA News