Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world right after English and Mandarin with over 615 million speakers around the world. World Hindi day celebrated on January 10 every year and it is during this day people from all over the world showcase their interest in this exceptional language.

If you are college students who are interested in learning this trendy language then you are in the right place. Here we are going to give you a list of top universities across the world that offer Hindi language programs in their curriculum for all the interested students. 

Here is our list of top universities in the world that offer Hindi language courses:

University of Washington 

If you are planning to do undergraduate or graduate programmes in Hindi then the department of Asian language and literature of the University of Washington is the ideal choice for you. Here you can enroll in BA, MA, and Ph.D. programmes of Hindi language; this department offers programmes in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Sanskrit language as well. 

In the BA program of this university you can get advanced, intermediate Sanskrit, and Hindi courses. In these, you will get to learn from modern Hindi literature such as novels, short stories, drama, conversational Hindi, medieval Braj literature, advanced Hindi reading, many more. This entire program comprises 15 credit score. 

University of Chicago:


In the University of Chicago’s department of south Asian language department, you can enroll in 1 to 4-year programmes in the Hindi language. Moreover, you also get the option of studying any of the South Asian languages such as Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Pali, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, or Tibetan for a year in the BA programme of the Collegiate Division of Humanities. 

You also get to study content courses on several aspects of Hindi literary culture for the advanced students. Apart from this, in the PG programme, you can also enroll in Visual arts, Germanic studies, and Classic English. If you want to know more you check the official website of the University of Chicago.

University of London: 

The University of London is another great option for those interested in learning the Hindi language. Here you can get both graduate and undergraduate programmes in the Hindi language. In the undergraduate programme, you get to learn Sanskrit, Hindi, and Urdu languages. In the Postgraduate programme, you advance further into these three languages.

Cornell University: 

At Cornell, you get to choose from three levels of instruction in the Hindi language. If you are a complete beginner in the Hindi language then you should go with the first levels, for advanced students, the other two levels are recommended. A placement cell is also made available for students who have advanced their Hindi language levels, all they need to do is take a placement exam. The undergraduate program of Asian studies at the University of Cornell also covers Narrative and poetry.

Note: If you want to know more about any of the respective universities you can check out their official websites.