WHEELING — The next Lunch With Books livestream program at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 2, presented by the Ohio County Public Library will kick off Black History Month with “Archiving Wheeling Presents — Part 3: Lesser Known African American Legends of Wheeling.”

In this biographical presentation, we will explore the lives, times and accomplishments of nine leaders of Wheeling’s African American community during the era of “Jim Crow” segregation, including: barber Boose Clemens, police officer William Alexander Turner, firefighter Ashby Jackson, attorney Harry H. Jones, medical doctors BH Stillyard, J. Katherine Pronty Davis, Robert Hamlin and Alga Wade Hamlin, and musician Will H. Dixon.

To view the weekly Lunch With Books programs livestreamed online, visit the Ohio County Public Library’s website or the public library’s official social media pages.

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