Warning! Potential spoilers for Iron Fist #1 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has revealed that the next hero to become Iron Fist will be of Asian descent. In a new interview, Iron Fist #1 writer Alyssa Wong shared that the yet-to-be-revealed hero behind the mask will be of Asian heritage. But for those wondering if the Iron Fist’s legacy is about to be erased, Wong says have no fear, as the comic will build on the hero’s complicated past and build towards a new future.

Iron Fist is a fairly popular Marvel Comics hero who debuted more than 50 years ago in Marvel Premiere #15 by Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, and Bill Everett. The hero was created as part of the martial arts pop culture craze in the 1970s. Iron Fist, whose real name is Danny Rand, is a master of the martial arts who wields the Iron Fist, which allows him to channel his chi as a powerful weapon. However, over time, it’s become clear the Danny Rand version of Iron Fist is rooted in cultural appropriation and the white savior complex – which became a mainstream conversation after white actor Finn Jones portrayed the character in the Iron Fist Netflix series. With Danny Rand stepping away from the role of Iron Fist in the comics, Marvel is introducing a new Asian version of the hero.

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Alyssa Wong and artist Michel YG will tackle an all-new Iron Fist in a self-titled miniseries revealed recently by Marvel Comics. In an interview with IGN, Wong said she was excited to be writing an Asian Iron Fist, sharing that the character represents a new legacy while not erasing on the previous version of the hero’s own past. Wong said that the new Iron Fist would look at becoming the hero in a new era. She said she hoped the new character would speak to those who loved the original, but also to “folks who have never read an Iron Fist comic but are aching to see a character they can relate to.”

New Iron Fist Marvel Comics

Wong revealed that the new Iron Fist has taken an unorthodox path to gain the mantle, which doesn’t please those on K’un-Lun. She teased that his fighting style is more acrobatic and his powers are “strange.” While Danny Rand will be giving up the role of Iron Fist, he will still play a role in the upcoming miniseries.

While there have been hints about the new Iron Fist’s real identity, Marvel Comics still hasn’t shared the hero behind the mask. Still, seeing an Asian hero become the new Iron Fist is a welcome sight, as Danny Rand felt outdated in the role. The new Iron Fist can now build his own legacy and take the hero in a fun, new direction. Iron Fist #1 is in comic book stores in February.

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Source: IGN

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