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The 2022 500px Global Footage Awards used to be as soon as created for the photographs community to offer them a possibility to showcase their skill and be rewarded for it. The second model of the competition consisted of six categories: Technical, Storytelling, Business Content material subject matter, Documentary, Superb Art work, and Landscape. In recent times on the blog, we’re talking with the winner of the Landscape elegance, Karol Nienartowicz, as he tells us additional in regards to the winning image.

Hi Karol, please introduce yourself.
I have been photographing inside the mountains since 2003. I like to head from side to side around the mountainous spaces of Europe, and the sphere. I’ve visited over 45 international locations on 4 continents with my virtual digicam, and I am a licensed mountain data lately living in Krakow, Poland.

Since 2016, I have been professionally photographing mountain landscapes. I have had many exhibitions, and publications in all major opinion-forming media, mountain, and cross from side to side periodicals. I have gained awards in national and out of the country competitions, and had many TV appearances. I am the creator of mountain guides for photographers. In 2018, my debut guide about footage inside the mountains, “Mountain Photographic Expeditions”, used to be as soon as published, and in 2023, the large album “Mountains”, which summarizes 20 years of photographic art work inside the mountains, can be offered.

Selfie on the Ridge by Karol Nienartowicz on

The winning image: “Selfie on the Ridge”

What made you gravitate to landscape footage?
I become serious about mountain footage when I went on a mountain trip for the main time in 2003. I grew up inside the mountains—inside the Karkonosze Mountains in Poland—alternatively I went there very late, when I was 18 years out of date. I took my virtual digicam with me for the main trip, and it stayed that method. Once I started, I used the USSR-made analog apparatus. For a couple of years I photographed the mountains such a lot, and finally, in 2016, I become a licensed mountain photographer.

Can you tell us the best way you managed to get one of these putting shot on Maly Koscielec Ridge?
Maly Koscielec is a lesser-known mountain inside the Tatra Mountains in Poland. Even supposing it is not too over the top, it is well known for its best possible view of the sharp peaks of the High Tatras. I all the time take pictures from this top to the south—towards the view of the over the top peaks.

On the other hand this time, it used to be as soon as different.

I climbed the summit at night time time when it used to be as soon as completely dark, foggy, and snowing. My serve as for this trip used to be as soon as night time time footage. I waited for the brightening that used to be as soon as predicted inside the local weather forecast. On the other hand first, the mists had disappeared inside the north and the very best peaks have been however inside the clouds. That’s why I started taking pictures in that direction. This image used to be as soon as not planned, I took it using the must haves came upon on the spot.

The view of the snow-covered ridge, in conjunction with the lights inside the valley, used to be as soon as glorious. I took a few footage at this location, alternatively it appeared boring because of there used to be as soon as one section missing that can attract attention. I immediately came upon that I needed a human resolve to show the size of the place.

Since I was by myself, I had to pose for the image myself. The individual in this image is me. This is not a normal self-portrait, alternatively you can title it that. I set the virtual digicam to the duration taking pictures function and went to the threshold of the ridge. Even supposing it sort of feels very a ways inside the image, I simplest in reality walked 30-40 meters. The wide-angle lens did the remaining.

The power of this image is inside the frame and the unique 2nd—the individual standing on the edge all the time appears to be dangerous and mystical. On the other hand not simplest that, I consider this 2nd is specific. The general public cannot be inside the over the top mountains all through the night time time in wintry weather. The mood of wintry weather nights inside the over the top mountains is all the time glorious. I tried to grab in a photograph the atmosphere of the horror of the place, and the cold that accompanied me right through the seven hours that I spent in this place.

What used to be as soon as the most important drawback you faced right through that shoot?
An important problem used to be as soon as that the image used to be as soon as created as an experiment. I’ve taken footage inside the intervalometer mode previous than, alternatively under no circumstances in such difficult necessities. The virtual digicam took the pictures by itself, and I couldn’t keep an eye on them because of I was a sort. I had to walk about 40 meters along a dangerous ridge right through a over the top avalanche chance. I had to stand however for 30 seconds while posing. I took a few pictures because of not all of them have been a luck.

What do you hope your audience feels/research when viewing this image?
I consider the affect has been achieved and I’m happy with it. The high-mountain wintry weather landscape, and the little man on best possible of the ridge, all the time conjures up a undeniable sense of appreciate for the mountains. In addition to, the affect of the lights inside the valley supplies to the drama.

What is your favorite time of the day to shoot to get the best gentle? And why?
I normally shoot right through sunrises and sunsets, when the light is at its best possible conceivable. I moreover in reality identical to the “blue hour”, which is the time previous than morning time or after sunset.

All the way through my fresh trips to america and Peru, I took most of the best possible conceivable footage presently. I was very surprised that there were few photographers at that hour. For the reason that sun went down right through the Delicate Arch session in Arches NP, everyone left, and I was left by myself. Within the interim, simplest 30 minutes after sunset, this place showed its most lovely face, when all of the landscape grew to turn into red.

On the other hand I’m not tied to only taking pictures for one part of the day. I moreover take a lot of footage all through the day, because of I walk such a lot and I can’t be all over the place right through morning time or sunset.

Does your apparatus vary very a lot depending at the position you could be taking pictures? And what apparatus did you could have with you to create the winning image?
Personally, the equipment is not essential—the photographer’s eye, excellent ideas, and opting for the correct place are additional essential.

I don’t have so much equipment, because of I’m a mountain photographer and I have to take everything with me. As a result of this, I slimmed down my set to no less than one virtual digicam body, 2-3 lenses, and a drone.

I latterly use a Canon 5D Mark IV with 16-35mm f/4 and 24-105mm f/4 lenses. The winning image used to be as soon as enthusiastic about this virtual digicam and a 16-35mm lens.

How did you employ bettering equipment to hold your image Selfie on the Ridge?
I did the standard bettering in Adobe Camera RAW, and the overall touches in Photoshop. Since I’ve been working in footage for 20 years, I have my own bettering style, alternatively there’s no huge secret. I benefit from the most straightforward operations that Camera RAW lets in. Much more essential is that I feel what instrument to use to achieve the affect. It’s hard to give an explanation for in words.

What attracted you to the 500px Global Footage Awards, and the best way did you means the submission process to be sure you have been submitting your best possible conceivable art work?
500px is the place where I grew up as a photographer. Proper right here, for years, I admired upper other folks than me. I have a sentiment for this site, although the number of shoppers has diminished. I participate in most of the 500px theme contests, so I moreover entered the 500px Global Footage Awards to test myself and win a delightful prize. I’m glad I did.

Do you could have any exciting tasks on the horizon?
This year I am celebrating 20 years of work as a photographer, and on this example, I am publishing a guide—a large album with footage of mountains on 450 pages. Its determine is just: “Mountains”. In addition to, I’m planning further photographic trips to new places. The field is big and tasty, and I wish to see it and {photograph} it.

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