Book of Tobit writer almost demands Reese Witherspoon play the iconic role

Tobit screenwriter Alan Nafzger on Sunday finally spoke out about his vision for the film adaptation of Tobit. He wants Reese Witherspoon to play the role of Sarah.

The 30 year professor of political science says she’s a no-brainer to expect big things… and the added that with 1.5 billion people who learned the story Tobit from their religious training. Nafzger add that dozens of producers are looking at the idea.

The screenplay that’s making the rounds in Hollywood is based on The Book of Tobit (a 3rd or early 2nd century BCE Jewish work). Professor Nafzger, however, has changed the setting to Amsterdam just before the NAZI invasion of 1941. On other words, the film would be set in Europe in the 1930s.

PLOT: Seven Jewish weddings and seven demonic murders.

According to Nafzger, the story tells the story of two Jewish families, that of the blind Tobit (father-in-law) in Amsterdam and of the abandoned Sarah (bride) in London. Tobit’s son Toby is sent to retrieve money that Tobit once left in London bank; guided and aided by the angel Raphael Toby arrives in London, where he meets Sarah. A demon named Asmodeus has fallen in love with her and kills anyone she marries, but with the aid of Raphael the demon is killed and Tobias and Sarah marry, after which they return to Amsterdam where Tobit is cured of his blindness.

Nafzger granted a rare interview to the Hollywire streaming platform.

Can Reese Witherspoon play the role of Sarah?

Alan Nafzger: You’d have to ask her agents about that. Reese Witherspoon is a huge talent. She’s (yeah) that’s good; she’s been great. It’s would probably be in the top five of my recommendations. I can see that happening.  Reese Witherspoon is charismatic; she’s violaceous, pretty, attractive, and should make a great bride.

Why Reese Witherspoon?

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon

Alan Nafzger: Wedding movies are funny about likeability. It’s very important that we like the bride. I don’t like the bridezilla plots, and I think you can just get a spreadsheet and look at the bridezilla movies and then the traditional films and compare him financially. Larry McMurtry told me 30 years ago the key to success, and we’re talking Lonesome Dove, is likeability and that we like Don Quixote (we like that character) and we like Sancho Panza and They are intense characters but they’re likable. Reese Witherspoon would be GREAT in the role!!!  If we’re going to see a bride married seven times in a film, it’s very important that we like her. Her family?  We don’t care about her in-laws? We don’t care. I’m not sure we really care about the groom that much but the bride has to be happy.

It’s not a happy story maybe it’s a family story but I’m sure you know it’s in the Bible. It’s in Cath

olic and Orthodox Christian bibles. It’s in the back of of Jewish lore; there was a nice Jewish girl and she was married seven times and a demon came and killed all her husbands. She’s married seven times and the marriages are never consummated. And even little kids are taught this story in Sunday school; I think the nuns leave out the part about the empty wedding bed and that the weddings from never consummated. But little kids know what weddings are in and little kids know what a widow is and they know in the Old Testament there was a lady named Sarah and demon kept coming back and killing her husband every time she got married and did she give up?  No, and she doubts God?  No, she prayed to God that she would die but did she stop believing in God? No. And so the marketing for this film is already done. You can’t change the title that would totally ruin the marketing. One and a half billion people know the story of Tobit from their religious training but it’s not ever been on film.

Alan Nafzger: Reese Witherspoon could get this done. Reese Witherspoon? You would have to call her agent and find out. They did request the script I sent the query letter and the script…

Why is Hollywood interested in the story of Tobit?

Alan Nafzger: One and a half billion people know the story of Tobit from their religious training. Catholics and Orthodox Christians include the story in their bible. And, it’s never been a feature film. There’s a silent like 100 years ago, in the 1920s but these people have the story in their Bible and even little kids were taught about Sarah. Reese Witherspoon would naturally play Sarah; she’s the female protagonist.

What sort of character is Sarah?

Alan Nafzger: She is the victim of a demon. Sarah ( Reese Witherspoon ) is a nice Jewish girl, from a good Jewish family in London. She’s married seven times and seven times a demon comes and kills her new husband, before the the marriages are even consummated. They don’t even make it to the wedding bed.

Who would be the audience?

Alan Nafzger: Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, people of faith or just people that want to see an angel and a demon slug it out.  Well, the is the greatest story yet to be filmed. And well over a billion people expect it to be filmed. Little kids know the story from the age of 8 or 10 and go to they go to Sunday school or they learn in the synagogue that there was a Jewish girl from the Old Testament; she’s married seven times and seven times she’s a widow. In my experience, the nuns leave the part out that the weddings were never consummated. But little kids know what a wedding is. Young children if they don’t know what a widow is then they learn that pretty quickly.

Jews know this story from Jewish lore. No one knows their own history better than Jews. So yeah a lot of the attentive public; Jewish people would pay attention. Jewish people have paid attention in school and know the story of Sarah.

So why isn’t the movie titled Sarah’s Seven Weddings?

reese witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon

Alan Nafzger: There are a lot of Sarahs. But you can’t change the name of the story to Sarah’s Weddings or anything. Tobit; it’s the Book of Tobit. People expect that and will buy a ticket based on the title Tobit. Sarah’s future father-in-law is a jew living in Amsterdam; he’s 80 years old and he needs to find his son a wife. He wants grandchildren. Tobit is very likable; he prays constantly; he takes care of strangers and helps charities. He risks his safety to take care of others, he’s one of the most likable characters in the entire Bible.

The problem is he’s going blind so he needs to take care of his family. He remembers some money when he was young that he deposited it in London banks. So he sends his son (Toby) to retrieve the money. They didn’t wire money back then, not like they do today. So can you imagine traveling by yourself from Amsterdam to London across the English Channel, finding the bank, collecting the money and bringing it back to Amsterdam without having it stolen?  Tobit prays for a companion, someone that will go with Toby (his son) to collect the money.

So at the same time in London, Sarah – Reese Witherspoon – prays to die (the seven murders have made he a bit jaded) But Gods sends Raphael. Raphael has two jobs: one, escort Toby and bring back the money and second Raphiel’s job is to dispatch the demon that’s been harassing Sarah (Reese Witherspoon ), This demon who has been killing Sarah’s husband is named Asmodeus. It’s not any big secret; Rafael is gonna save Sarah ( Reese Witherspoon ). I can see that on-screen; although she’s been married seven times she’s really very resilient. It could be very believable or you know Reese Witherspoon has a bubbly personality. Sarah might lose faith in God, but she doesn’t. So she is a fervent believer and to be married seven times and your husband be killed actually in the film.

Sarah ( Reese Witherspoon), she’s married eight times because it’s a happy ending. Near the end, Raphiel defeats the demon this huge by fight toward the end of the film. Rafael wraps up the demon in mooring rope and like a ball of yarn rolls him into the Thames. The demon sinks, so with the 3 minutes of special effects we can fill the expectation of everyone there to see the fight. I think that would probably sell the whole thing because everyone in the audience will want a piece of the demon after he’s killed 7 grooms.

But leading up to that here is why Sarah is a compelling character and Reese Witherspoonwould really knock it out of the park.

Seven Jewish weddings and there’s not an actress in Hollywood that can touch. Reese Witherspoon would be the best choice because if we’re going to watch a girl get married seven times in a film we better like the bride. We don’t care about the mother and father, or the brothers and sisters, or who will be the maid of honor. I don’t even think we really care about the groom being likable.

It’s not a bridezilla movie, then?

Alan Nafzger: I don’t like the I don’t like bridezilla movies, where the bride is neutral or maybe a little on the heavy side (excuse the pun). Likeability is the key and if you have a story where likeability is demanded (like this story) Reese Witherspoon can’t be beaten.

Will anyone listen to the idea?

Alan Nafzger: Now that’s kind of funny because you send 100 query letters and two come back; one says “unsolicited material.”  We don’t read the unsolicited material and the other says, “yeah sounds good, I’ll read it.  So where the script is I have no idea I think Keely Wells could get it done. Oh yeah about Tobit?  I don’t know but I guess maybe (I’m dreaming a little bit) I see either Daniel Craig or Mel Gibson.

Many don’t seem to be aware of Mel Gibson or Tobit

Alan Nafzger: I’m guessing one of the other folks looking at this on Hollywire, don’t seem to be aware of the tale; let me summarize it for you. It is 8 Jewish weddings and 7 demonic murders.  It is a few lady named Sarah and he or she’s haunted through a demon and he or she will get married seven instances and the weddings are by no means consummated. A demon, Asmodeus, kills the groom prior to the wedding will also be consummated; they by no means reached the marriage mattress. The brand new husband is killed within the parking zone or once in a while within the tent, status precisely the place he was once married.  Mell Gibson could be nice as Tobit; Tobit will be the father in regulation, who is not intimidated.

So deficient Sarah is haunted and you recognize after seven instances she will get somewhat jaded. And he or she’s ridiculed even through the maid their circle of relatives makes amusing of her and he or she thinks in regards to the suicide. She prays to God Get Me Out of this existence. She asks for God to return take her existence.

On the similar time a ways away a Tobit (Mel Gibson) additionally prays to die. He’s been blinded and he can not handle his spouse and son. He is acquainted with being a hit in existence, however in truth he is up in his 80s however he does not need to forestall taking good care of his circle of relatives.  He is additionally jaded and desires God to finish his existence. However God’s no longer gonna take both of them.

Tobit deposited some cash in a London financial institution when he was once younger and forgot about it. Now he recollects it and sends his son to London. Smartly, who desires to go back and forth with a ton of cash?  God sends an angel (Gabriel) to escort Tobit’s son Tobah to a financial institution. Tobah will meet Sarah, however there may be the entire factor of the demon that the film will want to kind out.

Massive Debate online about Toby

One it the entire causes I consider this may occasionally truly promote on the boxoffice. I have discovered this giant debate at the Web (misplaced of participation): the query was once, “Is Toby was once a spiritual title?  It’s to Catholics and Orthodox Christians and it comes from this Bible tale. Everyone is aware of subsequent somebody named Toby, it’s faily not unusual.

Can Mel Gibson play the role of an eighty-year-old Jew?

Mel Gibson (born January 3, 1956) is an American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. He’s absolute best identified for his motion hero roles, specifically his breakout position as Max Rockatansky within the first 3 movies of the post-apocalyptic motion sequence Mad Max and as Martin Riggs within the good friend cop movie s

Mel Gibson and Tobit

equence Deadly Weapon. Born in Peekskill, New York, Gibson moved together with his oldsters to Sydney, Australia, when he was once 12 years previous. He studied appearing on the Nationwide Institute of Dramatic Artwork, the place he starred reverse Judy Davis in a manufacturing of Romeo and Juliet. All through the Nineteen Eighties, he based Icon Leisure, a manufacturing corporate, which unbiased movie director Atom Egoyan has known as “a substitute for the studio machine”. Director Peter Weir solid him as some of the leads within the Glo

bal Conflict I drama Gallipoli (1981), which earned Gibson a Easiest Actor Award from the Australian Movie Institute, in addition to a name as a major, flexible actor.

In 1995, Gibson produced, directed, and starred in Braveheart, a historic epic, for which he gained the Golden Globe Award for Easiest Director, the Academy Award for Easiest Director, and the Academy Award for Easiest Image. He later directed and produced The Interest of the Christ, a biblical drama that was once each financially a hit and extremely debatable. He won additional vital realize for his directorial paintings of the action-adventure movie Apocalypto (2006), which is ready in Mesoamerica all the way through the early sixteenth century.

After a number of prison problems and debatable statements leaked to the general public, Gibson’s public symbol plummeted considerably, affecting his careers in appearing and directing. His occupation started seeing resurgence together with his efficiency in Jodie Foster’s The Beaver (2011), and his directorial comeback after a scarcity of 10 years, Hacksaw Ridge (2016), which gained two Academy Awards[8][9] and was once nominated for some other 4, together with Easiest Image and Easiest Director for Gibson, his 2d nomination within the class.

What is the The Book of Tobit?

The Book of Tobit (/ˈtoʊbɪt/) is a third or early second century BCE Jewish paintings describing how God checks the trustworthy, responds to prayers, and protects the covenant neighborhood (i.e., the Israelites). It tells the tale of 2 Israelite households, that of the blind Tobit in Nineveh and of the deserted Sarah in Ecbatana. Tobit’s son Tobias is distributed to retrieve ten silver skills that Tobit as soon as left in Rages, a the town in Media; guided and aided through the angel Raphael he arrives in Ecbatana, the place he meets Sarah. A demon named Asmodeus has fallen in love together with her and kills somebody she intends to marry, however with assistance from Raphael the demon is exorcised and Tobias and Sarah marry, and then they go back to Nineveh the place Tobit is cured of his blindness.

The e-book is incorporated within the Catholic and Orthodox canons however no longer within the Jewish; the Protestant custom puts it within the Apocrypha, with Anabaptists, Lutherans, Anglicans and Methodists spotting it as a part of the Bible and helpful for functions of edification and liturgy, albeit non-canonical in standing. The majority of students acknowledge it as a piece of fiction with some historic references.