Melancolia (Melancholy) by Mircea Cărtărescu was published in French on January 14 at Noir sur Blanc publishing house, in the translation of Laure Hinckel.

The work is due to appear in German at Paul Zsolnay, translated by Ernest Wichner, and in Italian at La nave di Teseo, translated by Bruno Mazzoni.

In 2019, the volume was the best-sold title of Humanitas, the Romanian publisher of Cărtărescu, at the Bookfest book fair. The same year, Cărtărescu’s novel Solenoid was translated into French and nominated for Prix Médicis Etranger. Other works by Cărtărescu available in French are Orbitor (Blinding), De ce iubim femeile (Why We Love Women), and Nostalgia (Nostalgia).

An English-language translation of Nostalgia is due to be published by Penguin Random House UK this year.

Novelist, poet, short-story writer, literary critic, and essayist Mircea Cărtărescu is a professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest. He is one of the most widely translated contemporary Romanian authors and has received numerous literary awards, both local and international.

His work was awarded by the Romanian Academy, the Romanian Writers’ Union, the Culture Ministry, or the Association of Romanian Publishers. Nostalgia received in 2005 the Giuseppe Acerbi literary prize in Italy. He also received the Vileniča International Prize for Literature in 2011; the Haus der Kulturen der Welt International Prize for Literature in 2012; the Spycher – Literaturpreis Leuk prize in Switzerland in 2013; the grand prize of the Novi Sad International Poetry Festival in 2013; the Tormenta en un vaso prize in 2014; the Euskadi de Plata award in San Sebastian, also in 2014; the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding in 2015; the Austrian State Prize for European Literature in 2015; the Spanish Leteo award in 2017; and the Formentor de las Letras award in 2018. In 2019, his novel Solenoid received the Prix Millepages for foreign literature.

(Photo: Mircea Cărtărescu at Göteborg Book Fair 2019 by Arild Vågen/ Wikipedia)

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