LONDON, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The IV Major Online Project was held from November 26 to 28, 2021, summarizing the results of six international literary contests.

More than thirty different open and closed literary events were hosted.

The lectures “The main character as a clinical record” («Главный  герой как история болезни» in Russian) by Aleksandr Gritsenko, writer, literary producer and chairman of the International Union of Writers, as well as “Typical mistakes in creating a fantastic story. How Does it Work? Tools for Alternate Stories.” («Типичные ошибки создания фантастического сюжета. Как это работает? Инструменты для альтернативных  историй» in Russian) by Jack Dunn, Ph.D., American and Australian novelist, editor of anthologies in science fiction and fantasy, winner of international literary contests, were devoted to the creation of the plot and characters in the literary work.

The role of fiction in the modern world was discussed in his speech by Michael Swanwick, head of the International Union of Writers, a famous American science fiction writer, winner of the Hugo, the Nebula, the Aelita, and other awards. He presented his lecture “Why Does Science Fiction Still Matter?” («Почему научная фантастика все еще имеет значение?» in Russian) in video format.

Introducing the winners of six international literary contests.

The Knight of Fandom (Рыцарь «Фэндома» in Russian) Award Winner is Vasili Golovachov, Russia

The Franz Kafka International Literary Award Winners are Victor Pelevin, Russia, and Christopher Buckley, USA

The All-Russian Literary Award of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky Winners are: Yiyun Li, China, Mo Yan and Yu Hua, China, Aleksandr Vedrov and Valeri Kartoshkin and Olga and Natalia Semenova, Russia, Asif Kangarli, Azerbaijan, and Sheng Keyi, China, Shu Ting, China, Ksenia Alpinskaya, Russia, Andrey Usachev and Tatiana Pavlotskaia, Russia, Nikolai Ross, Russia, Liu Qi-Xing, China, Jack Dunn, Australia, Derek Künsken, Canada, Glen Cook, USA, Rose Lagercrantz, Sweden, Anna Golovina, Russia, Lin Zhwohua, China, Dmitry Bogoslavsky, Russia, and Meng Jinghui, China, Sun Xiaoxing, China, and Constanze Dennig, Austria, Zhao Chuan, China, Tian Gabin, China, Oliver Pötzsch, Germany, Karen Robards, USA, Mehdi Farhad, Azerbaijan, Richard Pachman, Czech Republic, Julia Neyo, France, Sola Monova, Russia, Bukich, Russia, Aleksandra Gureeva, Russia, Federico Grandesso, Spain, Kremena Nikolova, Italy, Tamara Eidelman, Russia, Mukhamet Zakirov, Russia, and Ricardo San Vincente, Spain, Jorge Ferrer, Spain, Anna Egoyan, Russia, Venera Osipchuk, Russia, Igor Ryzov, Russia, Nikolay Kozlov, Russia

The Stanislaw Lem International Competition Winners are: Shu Ting, China, Elena Gvozdeva, Spain, and Yuri Mikhailichenko, Nelli Baeva, Russia, Yiyun Li, China, Yu Hua, China, Sheng Keyi, China, Leonid Kleshnia, Russia, and Mo Yan, China, Liu Qi-Xing, China, Jack Dunn, Australia, Derek Künsken, Canada, Michael Moorcock, UK, Stephen King, USA, Steven Erikson, Canada, Alexei A. Abramov, Russia, Max Maximov, Russia, Irina Druzhinina, Russia and ZHIZA, Russia

Alex Lons, a Russian writer, became the winner of the I All-Russian Small Fiction Contest for his book “Dark Flashback” («Темный флешбэк» in Russian) by open vote.

The International Union of Writers congratulates the winners on their well-deserved victory and wishes them further creative achievements.

SOURCE The International Union of Writers