What We Bring Home

Susan Coultrap-McQuin, a resident of Victoria, recently published a book of travel poetry titled “What We Bring Home.”

In 1970, Coultrap-McQuin, left the United States for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. There, she was immersed in a culture that taught her about the world and about herself, according to a press release from the author.

In 2017, having visited many other countries, Coultrap-McQuin returned to Southeast Asia to explore Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. From those experiences, she was inspired to write the poems that have now become “What We Bring Home.”

Susan Coultrap-McQuin

Susan Coultrap-McQuin

Coultrap-McQuin began writing poetry in college but set it aside during her career in higher education. When she retired in 2014, she started writing again and hasn’t stopped since.

Her poems have been published in journals and anthologies and displayed in art galleries, libraries and parks. She regularly participates in open readings at the Arts Consortium of Carver County and has read poems from this book at those events and on national Zoom programs, the release stated.

“I enjoy the challenge of capturing my feelings and observations in words that invite readers to see the world in new way,” Coultrap-McQuin said. “I hope these poems speak to readers about what it can mean to travel through cultures with histories and perspectives different from their own.”

“What We Bring Home” can be found at local bookstores such as Chapter One in Victoria, Excelsior Bay Books in Excelsior or the Arts Consortium Gift shop in the Chaska Community Center. It is also available from the publisher, The Poetry Box Press and Amazon.