What Resources do I Need to Take High Quality Product Photographs?

Over 71% of companies have an internet presence, and maximum of the ones have a product they promote. High quality product images is vital to good fortune, whether or not it’s a neighborhood industry proprietor with a couple of merchandise or a longtime e-commerce retailer with masses, if no longer 1000’s, of SKUs.

Product photograhy is a box of photograhy that covers the seize of goods for each on-line and offline business use. It’s utilized by companies to marketplace and promote their merchandise, and as such, it wishes to turn the product in the most productive mild conceivable. 

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Positive tactics and perfect practices should be adopted to succeed in this end result and spice up gross sales. Right here’s what you want to understand as a product photographer.

Apparatus Wanted

Step one to taking nice product footage is to set the degree by way of getting the appropriate apparatus. A product photographer wishes a couple of very important items of substances to get began, maximum significantly: a lightbox, a tripod, and a digital camera.


A lightbox is a small enclosed area with subtle lighting positioned across the perimeter. This creates an flippantly lit atmosphere best for taking photos of items. Call to mind it as a miniature studio that you’ll arrange any place.

Lightboxes are available in more than a few sizes and styles, so it’s necessary to make a choice one who’s suitable for the goods you’ll be photographing. For instance, in case you plan on taking photos of jewellery, you’ll desire a smaller lightbox with a gap that stops reflections off the steel. Or, in case you’ll be photographing greater pieces like furnishings, you’ll desire a lightbox with a spacious inner.


A tripod is some other must-have for product photograhy. It permits you to stay your digital camera completely nonetheless whilst taking lengthy exposures, making sure that your footage are sharp and blur-free. A far flung shutter liberate may be a useful software to have because it permits you to take photos with out touching the digital camera, additional minimizing the danger of digital camera shake.


After all, no photographer can paintings and not using a digital camera. Whilst any virtual digital camera will do for product photograhy, a DSLR digital camera is perfect because it provides extra guide controls and interchangeable lenses. This pliability permits you to fine-tune your footage to get the easiest shot each and every time. We’ll cross over the cameras in additional element in a while.

Lighting fixtures Pointers and Recommendation

For those who’re nonetheless early on your product photograhy adventure and don’t have a lightbox but, there are nonetheless a variety of techniques to take nice footage. Listed below are a couple of lighting fixtures guidelines that can assist you get began:

Use a White Background

Let’s take a step again and read about how a digital camera captures a picture. When you’re taking an image, the digital camera’s sensor is uncovered to mild reflecting off the items within the scene. This mirrored mild comprises the entire colours that make up the item, and the sensor captures those colours.

That’s why having a white background is a very powerful when taking product footage. A white background displays all colours similarly, so it doesn’t bias the digital camera sensor in opposition to any specific hue. This ends up in correct colour copy on your footage.

For those who don’t have a white backdrop, you’ll additionally use a work of white poster board or foam core as a makeshift background. Simply remember to position it a ways sufficient clear of the product, so it doesn’t forged any undesirable shadows.

A white sheet hung from a clothesline makes for a very good background for greater merchandise. You’ll additionally check out draping a white material over a desk or flat floor.

Use More than one Mild Resources

Even though you’re the use of a lightbox, you’ll need to set it up close to a window in order that herbal mild can complement the subtle lighting within the field. Alternatively, it’s perfect to make use of oblique daylight mild. Direct daylight can create harsh shadows and make colours seem washed out.

Experimenting with other lighting fixtures setups is one of the simplest ways to search out what works for you and your merchandise.

Way of life Product Photographs

Whilst a white background supplies essentially the most correct colour illustration, it’s no longer all the time essentially the most visually interesting possibility. In some circumstances, a emblem might need its product to be photographed in a herbal atmosphere or as a part of a way of life scene.

Way of life product photograhy is all about appearing the product in use. This may imply taking photos of any individual dressed in jewellery or the use of a pc on a table. It may be one thing extra summary, like a close-up of a couple of trainers in opposition to a concrete wall.

The secret’s to make the product the famous person of the display whilst nonetheless incorporating it into a practical surroundings. Those pictures make for best social media posts as they lend a hand doable shoppers visualize themselves the use of the product.

Notice that some way of life product shoots may nonetheless require a white background. In those circumstances, the inventive background is added in post-processing the use of Photoshop or a equivalent program.

Easy methods to Create and Pitch a Storyboard

For those who’re operating with a emblem that desires way of life product pictures, discussing the particular imaginative and prescient for the shoot previously is necessary. This manner, you’ll be sure that you will have the appropriate props and arrange the scene simply as the buyer needs it. It addit
ionally lets you categorical your inventive concepts and get comments ahead of the shoot takes position.

man discussing storyboard for product photograph

The easiest way to be in contact your imaginative and prescient is thru a storyboard or thought. That is merely a sequence of sketches or pictures that display what the general photograph will appear to be. You’ll use real-life examples or create one thing from scratch.

Making a storyboard or thought for a corporation begins with figuring out the corporate’s emblem pointers. Those pointers gives you data at the corporate’s values, project, and target market. With this information, you’ll start brainstorming concepts on your storyboard or thought.

Upon getting a couple of concepts, it’s time to start out sketching or collecting visible references. For those who’re growing an idea from scratch, attempt to devise a suave option to incorporate the product into the scene. The function is to make the product glance herbal and unobtrusive.

Upon getting your storyboard or thought able, it’s time to pitch it to the buyer. It may be accomplished in individual, over the telephone, or by the use of e-mail. Provide an explanation for your idea procedure in the back of the shoot and the way it’s going to lend a hand the corporate succeed in its objectives.

Very best Cameras to Use for Product photograhy

Product photograhy calls for a couple of various things from a digital camera. At first, you want a digital camera that may produce high quality pictures. Chances are you’ll say: “duh, all cameras do this this present day.” However no longer all cameras are created equivalent.

Some have higher sensors than others, because of this they may be able to seize extra element and bring sharper pictures. Thus, you’ll need to make sure you’re the use of a digital camera with an appropriate sensor. Some other crucial issue to believe is the lens. For product photograhy, the optimum lens is dependent completely on the subject material. Listed below are a couple of examples:

Small Merchandise:

Jewellery, meals, and cosmetics will all require a macro lens to get a close-up shot. Macro lenses are designed to seize small items with nice element, as they have got an excessively brief minimal focusing distance.

Huge Merchandise:

For those who’re capturing one thing like furnishings or automobiles, you’ll desire a wide-angle lens to get the whole lot within the body. Broad-angle lenses have a big box of view, best for capturing massive topics.


When it comes to clothes or mannequins, you’ll need to use a lens that may seize the entire outfit in a single body. This may well be anything else from a 35mm lens to an 85mm lens, relying on how a ways away you’re from the topic.

Reflective Merchandise:

Glassware and steel items require a singular lens to forestall glare. Those lenses, referred to as anti-reflective or AR lenses, have a different coating that is helping cut back the quantity of sunshine reflecting off the item’s floor.

Your digital camera will have to even be manually adjustable, as you’ll want to regulate the aperture, shutter pace, and ISO. Aperture controls the quantity of sunshine that enters the digital camera, whilst shutter pace determines how lengthy the sensor is uncovered to mild. ISO specifies how delicate the sensor is to mild.

You’ll most often need to use a low ISO (round 100-400) to forestall graininess. The next aperture (round f/8-f/11) will be certain that the entire symbol is in center of attention, whilst a slower shutter pace (1/sixtieth of a 2nd or slower) will lend a hand save you blurriness.

After all, those settings will range relying at the lighting fixtures prerequisites and the subject material. So, it’s very important to experiment and to find what works right for you.


photograhy is a fancy craft that takes years of follow to grasp. Alternatively, with the appropriate digital camera and a little bit of creativity, any person can take nice product footage. Take into account to stay the corporate’s branding in thoughts, use a suitable lens, and modify the settings till you to find what works perfect.

If you wish to be told extra in regards to the artwork of business product photograhy, take a look at CreativeLive’s on-demand lessons. Taught by way of famend photographers, those categories will will let you take your product photograhy to the following stage.

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Author: Lauri Novak